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Phil Cole’s recent paintings work with narrative and current affairs: Voleria the tightrope artist balances above sleeping children; a lion, a unicorn and a bull are watched over by angels; people are lifted into Kabul International Airport; and the Annunciation scene is reimagined in different contexts. Another side of Cole’s practice is portraiture. Many friends come to sit for him. These relationships and their stories are captured in charcoal, collage, wax, pencil and oil. The idea of ‘triptych’ is vital to Cole. He creates related or layered artworks to arrive at either a story or a portrait.

His work will be exhibited at Gage Gallery, Saturday 10 to Monday 12 September 2022. Come and visit! 

A video of his last exhibition at KIAC can be viewed here:

Phil Cole's studio is at Yorkshire Art Space's Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Street, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S2 5TR.

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